Local Attractions
Getting to Nanchang

By Train
Nanchang has two railway stations, Nanchang Station and Nanchang West Station. Nanchang station is mostly a regular train, and Nanchang West Station is mostly a high-speed train and an electric train.

By Plane
If you want to save time, you can choose to fly. The airport in Nanchang is Changbei Airport, which is more than 20 kilometers away from the urban area.

By Bus
There are many bus stations in Nanchang, such as Nanchang Long-distance Bus Terminal, Qingshan Road Bus Terminal, and Xufang Bus Terminal. If you plan to take a car, you need to find out which bus station to ride in advance.

Getting around Nanchang

Take the subway
Nanchang is currently undergoing rail transit construction. The subway line that is now open to traffic is Line 1, and the scenic spots include Wanda Plaza Honggutan (Weidong Station), Qiushui Square (Qiushui Square Station), Tengwang Pavilion (Tengwangge Station), Shengli Road Pedestrian Street. (Wan Shougong Station), Ba Yiyi Memorial Hall (Bayi Station), Bayi Square (August Square Station), Hengmao Dream Times Square (Xiejiacun Station)

Take the bus
The bus is 2 yuan/person/time, the line is developed, and the tourist attractions generally have more buses.

Take a taxi
The starting price is 8 yuan (2 kilometers), and the price is 2.1 yuan per kilometer. After more than 8 kilometers, the price per kilometer will be slightly higher.

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Tengwang Pavilion
Tengwang Pavilion stands in the Linyi River and is famous for Wang Bo’s “Tengwang Pavilion Preface”. It is one of the “Three Famous Buildings in Jiangnan” and a landmark in Nanchang.
Nanchang Qiushui Square
Nanchang Qiushui Square is located on the bank of the Lijiang River in the Red Valley Beach New District. It is adjacent to the administrative center square and faces the Tengwang Pavilion across the river. The main fountain of the square, which can be sprayed up to 108 meters, is the largest musical fountain in Asia.The dynamic light opposite the evening will dance with the fountain, next to the Taiwanese snack street, which is a good place to enjoy the food.
Poyang Lake
Poyang Lake, located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province and on the south bank of the Yangtze River, is China's largest freshwater lake and the second largest lake in China, second only to Qinghai Lake and subordinate to Shangrao City. It is one of the top ten ecological function protection areas in China and one of the important global ecological zones delineated by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Today, there are more than 300 kinds of birds in the reserve, nearly one million, including more than 50 kinds of rare birds such as white cranes. Poyang Lake is known as the “White Crane World” and the “Rare Bird Kingdom”.
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